Could this be a (our?) homestead?

A short update. Perhaps I should say, more like a blast from the past…

Before we found our blessing in disguise in the Karoo, the place we live in now (at least on weekend), we searched high and low in all areas of the Western Cape. We tried hard to find land that was not too small, and not too large (albeit our upper limits were pretty insane 😉 ). It needed to have this and that, not too much of those, and some of these. It was difficult, and demotivating after a year. We then resorted to taking a break, which is why we started doing frequent weekends at a Karoo holiday farm. I was reminded about how I felt about the open, hot (and dire cold) climate, the silence and solitude… not seeing any other life for as far as you can see – only possibly there. Then we ended up sharing our dreams with some folks who has a farm there, and they let us in… a place to try out the Karoo, and “see if it’s for us”.

Time goes by quick, and before you know it, you’re infatuated with it. It feels like, well, what life was actually meant to be like. Harder physical work, but with a one-hundred-percent payoff rate, rewards that matter.

So what is this place then?


Well, it’s a piece of small land, covered in mostly olive trees. It was razed by a fire many years ago, and have now seemed to find it’s feet again. It is screaming for someone to live on it, love it, cultivate it. It’s tempting as heck. On our way back, we stopped in this town, and met up with the agent involved in this property. A quick 6km drive out of town, and we arrived to this piece. It is tiny by comparison to what we are on in the Karoo, but something like this would be just big enough to do what we want to do, and most important of all… we can call it ours.

We would really have to start from zero. French drain, soakaway, living quarters (temporary, then permanent), irrigation, water (borehole and pump is available!) and then finally food production.

It will be hard. We will be tested.

I am not going to say any more, or get ahead of myself. Things are volatile, and we must see how the banks see us, how much funds we can scrape together, and have our patience tested with red-tape and politics again.  It will be worth it, if this is the route we shall take.

Will I be sad to leave something behind in the Karoo? Yes, very. I don’t want to think about it now, or write about it. I don’t even know what is going to happen.

Is there a reason for thinking about owning a homestead 100%? Well the previous post clears some fog here, maybe.

Until next time. Keep it simple and affordable, don’t waste.


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