South African politics can control your life?

I live in a country, which had a hectic past (which country didn’t, by the way?). It means I was born in the middle of a time we called apartheid (afrikaans for ‘separate -ness), where our then right-wing’ish white government isolated people between black and white. It was a time where, as any shitty government would have, people that were white had more advantages. The media globally has some idea, but not the entire picture, and it ended up with white folks looking 100% evil and all guilty, which isn’t the case. With any political system, you have people that are in support of something, those that are neutral/unbiased/ill-informed, and those that oppose it.

My family didn’t support it. We had some of the best black people working with and around us, when I was 3 years old, my dad’s colleague (a Zulu guy with a HUGE heart) looked after me a lot, came to fetch me from home and walked me to his work, and taught me Zulu. We then lived in Kwa-Zulu natal, and I always loved the zulu guys, they have strong beliefs and good hearts (sure, there’s a few rotten apples, looking at our government sometimes). We then moved to the Free-State, which was Southern Sotho (sesotho) based, and I kind of forgot how to speak zulu in my school years. The sotho okes knew afrikaans, as history was pressuring it on to them, but this meant I could have great conversations with them. One dude I remember was Elias, who worked in our garden. He dreamed of becoming a police-man, back then when the police was much more inclined to be proud of what they did. I haven’t seen him in forever, and I hope he made his dreams work. I know he definitely would not have succumbed to the corruptions and crime and racism that is common in our protection forces right now. But I digress…

There was a lot going on, and we were often told that black people are being isolated into their own communities and provinces (Transkei?) because of many good reasons. Whether those reasons were true of not, I don’t know… no one can claim to know. History is gone, none of us lived 100 years ago, and nothing matters more than now, and tomorrow. Besides, as a 15 year old then, all I really wanted to do was ride my bicycle around the small-town dirt roads, fish, camp and build smoke-bombs with buddies. That’s what kids do. I also remember well that we were safe at night, while playing outside in the streets or cycling around the local woods. This is gone now, crime is a fashion that our current government is doing nothing about, not caring about and will not care about as it spirals out of control. All they care about, is enriching themselves, while the poor get poorer – and they keep that cycle going by making promises and instigating violence.

So where is this post going? Well, I have lived most of life paying taxes for things I don’t get. We have broken roads, police that takes 45mins to 2 hours to reach us in dire emergencies, we have racists of all shades getting away with it, we have criminals in government, murderers walking free, burglaries and horrific, gruesome acts happening on farms in the name of black vs white. I do not subscribe to any of it, I don’t think of myself as white, just as a South African. I try to cherish the people who try to make society work (again, all races). I really try, and all I get for it is political parties singing instigatory songs about killing whites, and their uninformed but somehow blindly loyal followers taking this to heart, and acting on it.

THIS, right here, is what controls our lives. We fear driving (both because of purposeful acts, and accidental acts resulting from really, really bad policing). We fear going out after dusk, we fear shopping (because cashiers think we don’t understand what they are saying when they say hateful things), we fear the police (because look at what happens to some people). And those who fear are the ones that actually contribute to life.

Some rock carvings of old trekkers from the 1800’s on rocks near the farm.

We are now at a junction where out government is considering changing our constitution, you know… the one that protects human rights….
They (government) have been in power for a long time now, and have been terrible at land transformation, and to get the support of the ill-informed masses in poor areas, the easiest target is to promise free things again. This time, taking land/property off white people, without compensation. Not only is this an unsustainable, economically crushing move, but it will result in conflict. Conflict that will entirely take us from ‘circling the drain’ to ‘inside nasty pipes’. Banks will topple, people will get poorer (well, the government, etc will get richer), things will just fail.

We are making all the wrong moves as a country. Instead of building, we are destroying. Instead of using our brains to come up with actual solutions, we are forcing people into little camps and making them fight like chickens and pit-bulls. Instead of getting our facts straight, we believe whatever we are fed from upstream (and getting all rioty about it). It may, or may not ever change. People in economic uncertainty and hardship need to have a goal, a dream or a plan to cling to. A lot of people in these positions have grown up on promises and lies, and they have given up on building their own lives. I get that.

I did not grow up “rich and white” at all. There were times when my parents had to borrow food from friends who had take away shops. We worked hard, built things up, saved for things, and then spent tonnes of labour making it into something. If life ever gets me down again, I will be able to start with zero, and build up again. This is why the idea of stealing from those of us who have made, built and worked for something, is a major obstacle in accepting the situation. I remember a quote from an american YouTube channel I watched (regarding preparing for SHTF), he said “those who were too lazy and weak to make things work with what they had, will come for the things that those who did, has. I love that, and it holds true.

So yes, we are going to continue with our homesteading/smallholding project. We may or may not move from the farm we are on now (for reasons completely other than politics [distance, cost, size, agreements]), but we will look after ourselves. We have ideas, plans and dreams and where we go, will work fine. If we do…

I welcome my countrymen with open arms, if you are a builder and believer in society, and you have a heart and soul, whether you’re black or white, to join me on the journey as I document it here. Let those who pillage, rape, torture and burn become their own undoing (nature’s law, it shall be), and let the rest of us build.

As always – Keep safe, spend little, defend, create, live.

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