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Today marks a milepost for Litengard. We went live with basic, but ample internet connectivity. Our options were pretty much limited to rural defacto products like 3G/4G, wireless and dial-up. No one in their right mind would get dial-up these days, so that option didn’t even cross my mind. The mobile/cellular data options were assumingly expensive, but a good choice, at least until we realised that one can not rely on it at all. I don’t care what the MTN’s and Vodacom’s think, but they fail to provide a consistent service in the city and out here it appears to be the same. You can put the device down anywhere, and over time it will vary from 3 bars of H+ to 2 bars of Edge; both providing a mediocre 2.5kb/s.

So! Wireless it is. Neighbors and friends on ViNet and Breedenet told us that it works, with lapses of downtime caused by turd-burgling thugs stealing solar panels on the towers. I approached both Breedenet and ViNet. Since I have a weakness for good service, nice people and easy UX, ViNet won. They had good options at OK prices, and a super duo of guys (Jacques and Ayrthon) that handled the sales and technical aspects for me. Both were professional, fast, responsive and kept to their word every time. I am very sure that Breedenet has a good setup too, but they lost me when I had to provide pages of filled-form information, proof of address and other things before I could even get a site survey. Proof of address is not even an option on the farm, we get no bills coming here.

Now that ViNet is connected and working, I can start posting more relevant and up-to-date information and images of what we are tinkering on. As always, thanks for reading and supporting.

I leave you with my video pick of the day, a recommendation and something that got me thinking a bit…

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