In 2011, when I started playing Wurm Online, I considered it a lo-fi (yet highly immersive) MMO that deserved the sandbox title. With so many high-end GFX games abound nowadays, Wurm Online remains an old niche, favourite. It still is pretty much the only solid, reliable and true sandbox experience out there. Everything is affected, by the players and players alone.

Now, in 2019, I find myself returning. My original [skilled] character Marlon, is now sold to someone else. I will likely never see it again, and thus decided it is time for a fresh start with Haskell. I will try to keep tabs on Haskell on this page.

For now, head over to the Wurm Wiki or main page to check it out.

I will accept any donations like old tools and hardware, wagons or carts or even a mailbox if you want to assist. Mail to Haskell on Independence 🙂




  • Haskell founded Klipstapel (28 July 2019)
  • Haskell acquires the hands Angora and Minnasaulus (29-30 July 2019)
  • Minnasaulus acquires USS Minnow sailboat from Catspaw and Rosala (great people) on Deliverance (30 July 2019)

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