Compost Everything – Seriously

Ok, maybe not everything, but hear me out... I am a huge fan of reducing waste, or rather, generating no waste by reusing discarded things. It just came naturally to me to fall in love with composting. Composting is the process of nature, decomposing organic... READ MORE
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Context mismatch on AIML THAT’s

Disclaimer: So, a post that reflects a different direction from my usual photography or self-reliance posts. If you are one of my usual visitors, you can skip this one; it pertains to my software/A.I/Chatbot side-project only. Sorry! I am busy working on my AIML (Artificial... READ MORE
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On-Grid Internet Off-Grid

Today marks a milepost for Litengard. We went live with basic, but ample internet connectivity. Our options were pretty much limited to rural defacto products like 3G/4G, wireless and dial-up. No one in their right mind would get dial-up these days, so that option didn't... READ MORE

Flowing Water, Lights, Curtains – Luxuries.

Here's the thing... you think you need stuff, but you don't. You learn by not having them, by not having a choice. After a while, you get used to it, or even start preferring being without them. It's not always true, and there are exceptions,... READ MORE