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Context mismatch on AIML THAT’s

Disclaimer: So, a post that reflects a different direction from my usual photography or self-reliance posts. If you are one of my usual visitors, you can skip this one; it pertains to my software/A.I/Chatbot side-project only. Sorry! I am busy working on my AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) based chatbot, Odorware, and while working on ... ... READ the rest

Voices of the Dark

I have been contemplating my own version of this topic for some time. Music is personal, and while the metal folk of old will mostly agree on the what and who of music, some things are just more personal. I have my opinions of the best drummers, best bassists, best guitar solos, best sound engineers ... ... READ the rest

The Cost Of Keeping your Soul

Click-bait title much? Well, the flip-side to that is 'selling your soul', or in my case, data. I am not a privacy freak. I don't wear any tin-foil hats, and my roof is not camouflaged to hide me from imaging satellites. I just enjoy a few simple things when it comes to my hosted content ... ... READ the rest

South African politics can control your life?

I live in a country, which had a hectic past (which country didn't, by the way?). It means I was born in the middle of a time we called apartheid (afrikaans for 'separate -ness), where our then right-wing'ish white government isolated people between black and white. It was a time where, as any shitty government ... ... READ the rest

The Weekend Expert

There is nothing as comforting and inspiring as seeing a person so dedicated and devoted to his work, that their passion overflows into you. It does not matter whether you're a professional carpenter or a weekend-engineer, if you love what you're doing, it is going to lead to something. Since I am woefully working in ... ... READ the rest