We have some applied principles around hosting of games:

  • We only use proper hosts/hardware at reliable ISP’s
  • We only host inside South Africa for low local latencies
  • We don’t destroy servers with ages of hard work on them (sandboxy stuff), but will take down servers if no players joined during n weeks.
  • Stay in touch if you like playing on our servers, and we will keep em up. Donate if you like, even better!

Current Servers (March 2019)

Ark: Survival Evolved


Server Names (PVE Cluster):
ZA - Pap n Tricerachops - [Clustered, Modded, Friendly]
ZA - Pap n Raptor Vleis - [Clustered, Modded, Friendly]

Tricerachops Map: Ragnarok
Raptor Map: Scorched Earth

Backups: Six Hourly

For status and the mod-lists, see these pages:

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