New beginnings for

With the abundance of galleries and sites on the internet, there is no shortage of places to put one’s images. In most cases, photos are submitted to one of the social sites, something which I do not have much faith in (like for like culture, however a topic for another day). One thing that just does not exist, is for photographers to expose their own personal ways, with their unique styles and characteristics attached to it.

I have taken a lot of inspiration from other South African photographers, mostly the wildlife guys, and decided to have a site like this – dedicated to my own images.

Therefore, this is a welcome post, and commitment to make frequent posts containing photos, methods and stories.  I have a day job, and my goals have not fully realised, so I may not always have time to update at extremely rapid frequencies.

Please bookmark, come back, visit often, keen an eye, and by the name of all that is sweet, send me comment and feedback.

Keep shooting, rain or shine.


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