Updates on what’s going on.

If I don’t make a post now, I won’t ever. This one has been in my drafts for a week now, and I still really don’t know what to say.
I suppose the least I could do, is to use this as a proper bLOG, a log, a journal – making notes of the situation as it stands now.

So, current status quo is as follows…

The situation at the Karoo homestead is still unchanged. The owners of the primary farm are still our friends, and we have no intention of fighting, arguing or being bad seeds. I had a chat about some items of concern, and I am not sure how things will go in the future. For now, I am keeping my foot in that door. The relationship is a good for me, good for us and good for them. We enjoy doing some things for them, and they in turn help us by giving us a little piece of the Karoo.

Jumping back to our new homestead project, closer to home, is a more complex explanation. The wife signed the offer to purchase, the seller agreed and signed, the originators sent applications for the bond to several banks. A large part of the capital will come from my fathers own life savings, since he wants a little homestead lifestyle as well. Some of the banks were grim, and outright denied her as a foreign investor (nice going South Africa). The others have provisos and other deals going on. It seems like everything is OK on the bank front. This means: 50% of deposit coming from my father will hopefully, and likely be done soon & the other 50% will be bonded by her and her bank.

Right now, things are a little confusing. We are learning about the pitfalls and tricks sellers and agents pull, some more accidental than others. It’s nothing we can not handle, but they are delaying little things.

Firstly, the political situation inspired by our greedy, corrupt and hate-mongering government is ongoing. We are learning to live with it, but with farm attacks as a reality, we need to keep thinking about making things safe and secure. It sucks, but that’s the situation here. If you want to live your life and follow your dreams, you need to work with nature, predators and people who seem to want to do harm rather than make friends, create wealth and grow.

Secondly, the well test is still a condition on the purchase, and pending. We will be reporting on that as and when it happens.

Thirdly, building restrictions for the zone. This property is only 60 meter wide at the widest part, and it seems (still confirming) that the build-lines for AGR1 zones under this municipality is 30 meters. This is absurd, considering that Cape Town Municipality has a 15 meter build-line for properties under 15HA. If this is true, we have some options:

  1. Bailing. Difficult, but since the agents neglected to assist us here or informing us of this detail even though we made it clear that we intend on building two residences on it – this could be an options. Not really keen on bailing though.
  2. Get permission from two sides (farms, neighbors) as well as the local council (street line) – to enable realistic placement of structures
  3. Build structures that are not considered permanent – again, I have no proper information here. People are extremely unwilling to help, inform and advise here nowadays, especially the council members we pay taxes for.

When all is said and done, lastly, we need to then consider the building plans, getting them done correctly and submitting them to the plans examiner at the municipality.

That’s about all news we have now. Deposit is due on the 30th, it seems we might run late on that one, one more bank is pending feedback – and politics. These are the things in my mind.

Good luck to all, spend a little, live a lot, don’t let them grind you down.


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