To Squiddle About Meath

A bit of a different story. The farm, liten gard if you will, is not to be inhabited just yet, and in the time that all sits stale, production must continue.

I have in the recent month started three fresh batches of mead, all with a different kink and style. The first is sweet, with a starting gravity around 1.150, and the rest dry. The second batch is laced with cinnamon and clove (bringing me to what may be, a Metheglin?) and the third gallon of mead currently fizzing with fermentation is a planned one by the wife, Meerkat. It’s dubiously dubbed as such, and shows a lot of promise as the pomegranate bounces around in the rising CO2. All the airlocks are actively bubbling, and the original first batch is already in secondary fermentation. I am expecting three perfect batches, but as those who do this will know, time and patience … two huge ingredients. Bottling will be starting in several weeks only, and then aging will commence. I see no drinkable meads, whether sippy or session, sooner than 6 to 12 months from now.

Oh, alcohol by volume(ABV) on the three batches will range from 6 to 18% from what I can tell… hoping that I read the hydrometer correctly when I pitched the first pitch.

In the meantime, I fooled around with a little ‘high level’ overview of the process I follow. It is more for fun, but if it teaches or explains anything – great!

Enjoy and merry be.

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