Dog Film, as if.

We spent Saturday at Intaka Island, shooting hundreds (in the case of Alexia, thousands) of photos of the local bird life. It was a valuable experience in learning some birding and telephoto techniques, that we both need. The keeper rates went up from the prior visit, so hooray. I suggest you have a look at some of our avian work so far… a nice start in a new category of nature photography for both me and her.

Sunday was spent sorting (deleting the non-keepers) and organising the keepers for post-processing. All of this shooting and organising eventually got me into a little mood to shoot less technical, more art. I immediately realised that we wanted to do some shoot of the dogs, and then decided to fit something in that was along the lines of my Shoot Straight project.

To reiterate, the project is about just having fun, and bringing real photography back. Thinking less, or not at all, about the pixels and the numbers and the settings – and more about the concept, story, picture. Furthermore, the processing is to be considered limited, ‘as if’ it was shot on film. If the photo wasn’t sharp, or if it was framed badly, so be it. Process the basics, and develop it into something. For this, I made some presets… mostly monochrome [ironically].

Without further delay, here are some of the photographs I took of the pooches. They were in a good mood, which helped me a lot. I pretty much chased around Gilly, convinced Cas that his rope was a major achievement and Mac was interest in a boney joint that’s been lying around the yard for ages.

Monochrome lawn dogs…

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