On inspiration, writing and influence

I don’t know if it is just me, or if it is even healthy that I get excited about something at this age. Whenever I think about doing things I enjoy, I get excited and happy. I feel inspired, motivated, and ideas start flowing out. This excitement is present when working on our subsistence farm, labouring on projects, building things, tinkering with software and electronics, photography and much of the other fun or productive activities in which I engage.

As is the case with most things in life, hobbies and personal activities fade in and out as much as the moon waxes. My photography will be with me for life, and as time goes, it gets better and more rewarding, even though I find myself taking months away from it every year. Programming has become a career thing, and I cannot get myself to spend more time indoors under flourescent lighting any more than I need to. Most things have come and gone, some to own dismay.

However, there is one thing that never waned, decreased or deprioritised itself on my bucket list: Writing.
I wanted to write for as long as I can remember. I fooled around on my mother’s typewriter before the age of 10, and when I got my first PC (The old IBM PS/2) in 1993, I wrote random, useless gibberish into text files. I loved seeing how many bytes the files were, to see how much I wrote. It gave me satisfaction, albeit pointless.

You are reading this blog post and thinking to yourself: “but this is writing, isn’t it?”.

It is, but it may very well be the first ‘writing’ I have actually done ever, in my own personal opinion. I know, thanks to Google Analytics, that my others have been read quite a bit. I am also aware of the fact that I have the Egress booklet out soon (pending a bit of proofreading and editing). That was writing, this is writing, so you may be correct in thinking that I already write; but a writer I am not (yet). I want to be a writer, for myself. I want to hone the skills and do it more often, and nothing stands in my way; except for myself.

Secondly, as an Afrikaans first-language speaker, I am the first to admit that I need to expand my vocabulary and writing skills. I want to read a lot more proper books. The internet inundates us with incorrect grammar and repetitive vocabulary, abuse of the English language and a foul stew of confusion around “their, there, should of, should have” uses. The massive problem and significant concerns I have with this are that more and more (and I have to put quotations around it) “professional writers” for businesses are adopting this abusive, lousy style. Monkey see Monkey do. I want to avoid learning bad habits while developing my style. I will not argue the fact that I am a novice writer at all, but I am not the worst that I have come across in my workplace or around the web. Please take no offence if your English isn’t excellent either, that is not what I mean to do here.

This post is becoming a little tedious, for you the reader. To me, it’s cathartic to realise my shortcomings and excuses. It brings me closer to a conclusion however. I need to either write more blog posts, more often or start working on some fictional writing. I have ideas, I am creative and I want to do this quite seriously. I plan on keeping readers of my blog informed as things progress. To be succesful in this adventure, I need to make time, without excuses, to read and write more. Egress, the booklet I wrote recently, will have to be released soon (a personal accomplishment). Progress just needs to be made. That is all.

What inspires you, and how do you build a page of amazing words from that inspiration?

Featured image by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

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