Of Men, MMO’s and Wetlands

I feel, now that things are settling down, to just have a little catchup post here. There are these iterations of over-and-underwhelming times that occur naturally throughout the years. Recently, as we are still getting things demystified on the farm, times have been a little chaotic. The rain season, builders, issues upon issues with the septic tank, solar power shortages due to cloudy days and general life stuff.

I decided to write a little post while sailing south through Pristine. It seems that things are settling down now though, as you should be able to deduct from my Wurm Online playing. I used to spend a lot of time in Wurm, and I missed it. The character I started playing with in 2012 is now sold. Solution? I started fresh and acquired some alts that have good skills to get me going again. There is really NO sandbox MMO like Wurm, no matter how much they try. It’s outdated on the graphics, but it’s just really… a sandbox.

I am trying to keep my brain fresh and get my natural creative spurts out by involving myself in some extra after-work activities. I love world-building, writing, Wurm, farming, outdoors and a lot of things; too many things really. I try to take it more leisurely and follow the “I do what I require when I desire” pattern more often. It doesn’t mean slacking or lacking discipline. Some things just are mandatory. Work and Play, both. We commit our sunshine hours on the farm to the chores we need to do. This is not an issue, because we love all the farm work (whether digging, trenching, animal work etc). After dark, we stay inside and focus on hobbies like writing and worldbuilding, sometimes gaming. I like it this way. Oh, did I forget to mention that I also have a weekday career/job-thing going on? Need to be there too, and give the best I can.

For now, take advice. Take things smartly, apply discipline, be committed – but get to everything you want to to get to and enjoy it thoroughly.

I am off to go sort out builder’s repeatedly bad application and deployment of a septic system, heavy rains and clay mud now.

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